Gustavo Rivera 2017


Viva la Poesia


Gustavo Ramos Rivera

In his fourth solo exhibition at Elins Eagles-Smith Rivera will be displaying several new paintings on canvas along with original mixed media works on paper.

This exhibition will also debut a major example of the artist’s mastery of intaglio printing, a large aquatint and carborundum etching created at atelier Mexicanos in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco. 

Rivera’s paintings combine the palette and iconography of the indigenous cultural heritage of his native Mexico with classic techniques of Post war American abstraction. In his paintings Rivera constructs layers of intense translucent color fields upon which he lays simple hieroglyphic markings of rich impasto which seem at once archaic and contemporary. They articulate a poetic narrative but also express the artist’s pure delight in working the medium of oil paint. 

Viva la Poesia, 2017
aquatint and carborundum on wove paper
40-3/8 x 55-5/8 inches
Edition of 50